Hell or high water

hell-or-high-water-uk-quad-posterI could define this awesome film as a modern social western. The plot is simple and striking: two brothers, Tanner and Toby Howard, decide to rob the same Bank that is urging them to cancel a mortgage. They want to keep their mother’s property and, for that, they make a plan: to pay Texas Midlands Bank with its own money.

Despite the fact that initially the film has the ingredients of a traditional western, actually it is a sharp criticism about the economic establishment. ‘Hell or high water’ also offers us an update about the way of living in inner America nowadays. Cowboys’ time is over in Texas and people struggle to survive, but one feature remains: guns everywhere and old sheriffs, now Texas Rangers, trying to catch outlaws.

hellIn his picture, director David Mackenzie links up perfectly the countryside ambiance with current problems: economic crisis, mortgages, loans and evictions. ‘Hell or high water’ is a master piece in which Jeff Bridges shines specially performing an old Texas Ranger. The two main characters are very well played by Ben Foster and Chris Pine. Secondary actor Gil Birmingham deserves also to be mentioned for his sober performance of Alberto Parker, the Red Indian Texas Ranger.

I don’t know why in Spanish this picture has been titled with the outlandish name of ‘Comancherías’. In my opinion original tittles should be kept, especially when they are so meaningful like this one. ‘Hell or high water’ comes from the idiom ‘Come hell or high water’ that means no matter what happens. A suitable translation in Spanish could be ‘Caiga quien caiga’ and in Catalan this idiom might be translated as ‘Peti qui peti’.

‘Hell or high water’ trailer


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