City on Fire

20161127_002224Last summer I had planned to read the first novel by Garth Risk Hallberg, a young writer aged 38 who was an authentic reveal in 2015. In United States ‘City on Fire’ got rave reviews and I decided to read it in English but the fact is that the 927 pages book were still waiting on my bedside table at the beginning of the course.

Afterwards, I found the novel amazing not only by the story itself but also by the way which it’s written. Although I was enjoying very much the reading, after 275 pages I decided to take a rest because reading each day a little bit made me advance in a very slow pace and I became a bit impatient. Probably is a novel to be read in summer vacations when long hours could be spent sitting on the beach under a sun umbrella.

Summer Vacation on Tropical Beach Illustration


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