moonlight_1Such a wonderful film ‘Moonlight’ is! I found it great and an authentic masterpiece despite my reluctance to see Oscar awarded films. Very often Oscars go to commercial films with no interest. Moreover, I had been told that it had a very slow pace and the story was thought. However, in this case my preconceptions didn’t accomplish at all.

Director Barry Jenkins shows a great sensitivity in telling Chiron’s awakening to adolescence and homosexuality in a very hostile entourage: he is an outcast black boy living in suburbia with his addicted mother. Chiron’s life is portrayed in three phases and in each one the main character is performed by a different actor. All of them perform really well, but in my opinion Alex R. Hibbert performing ‘Little’ deserves a special mention. Furthermore, this twelve years old actor is really handsome and has a great expressivity.

moonlight 2

Summing up, ‘Moonlight’ is a very touching film with a tactful approach to homosexuality and social marginalization.


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