Revisiting the MNAC in English

Today I revisited the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and I asked for an audio guide in English. It was a different way to admire again my favourite artists and their masterpieces. Despite the MNAC Romanesque collection is impressive, in this occasion I concentrate in the works I like most: Modernist paintings and sculptures.

la vicariaAfter having an exquisite lunch while admiring a splendid view over Barcelona I spent the whole afternoon in the Modern Art rooms. Especially I felt captivated again by Marià Fortuny paintings and his ability to reproduce little details in big and breathtaking paintings. His renowned ‘The Spanish Wedding’ and ‘The Battle of Tetouan’ deserve a long and peaceful contemplation.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the most by revisiting ‘The First Cold’ by Miquel Blay. This sculpture is amazing and each time I gaze at this tender scene representing an old man and a little girl, both naked and perfectly carved on marble, I feel moved and I love it a bit more.20170412_173537


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