The Waters of Eternal Youth

The crime writer Donna Leon offers us her 25th novel of Comissario Brunetti’s series. In this occasion, the Venetian inspector is investigating, by request of a friend of Brunetti’s mother-in-law, the case of a teenage girl who was thrown into the canal fifteen years ago and suffered irreparable brain damage.

Despite the request of the girl’s grand-mother, Brunetti is not sure what to do because it just seems an old story but a mixture of curiosity and pity makes him to accept the case. Beyond this point, the Comissario begins to piece things together and, at the end, ‘The Waters of Eternal Youth’ has a surprising final twist.

Although all Comissario Brunetti’s stories describe crime characters and situations, the author succeeds in deepening inside criminals’ psychology, while she gives to her readers new details about Brunetti’s personal thoughts and concerns and also about his family entourage.

Besides, Donna Leon’s accurate descriptions about Venice and Venetians provide a perfect background for her crime stories. On the other hand, Leon has added to her last novels a new and contemporary aspect: her concern – expressed in Brunetti’s voice – about the difficult relationship between historical preservation and massive tourism.

I love crime novels and I knew Comissario Brunetti from TV series. So, I find challenging to deal with Donna Leon’s novels in the original English.


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