Lady Macbeth

The breathtaking landscapes in rural England are as shadowy and disturbing as Katherine, the film’s main character. Based on ‘The Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk’, a novel by Nicolai Leskov written in 1865, the film fantastically portrays the dark story of a young wife secluded in a farm with her obnoxious husband and father in law.

Although Katherine reminds other heroines like Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina or Lady Chatterley, socially and sexually oppressed, this 19th century Lady Macbeth follows a bloody way of criminal passions in her search for freedom. Love and murder mixed in a wonderful film that let me fascinated and speechless.

Debutant actress Florence Pugh performs an exceptional Katherine almost without speaking. Moreover, also debutant director William Oldroyd succeeds in offering a Shakespearean drama as it was a modern thriller. Naomi Ackie’s performance, as the enigmatic maid Anna, also deserves to be mentioned.


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