Ethics in advertising

Advertising is always a controversial issue and everybody has their own opinion. Even though there are fans who like ads’ music, slogans or design, advertisements are spreading out stereotypes and principles. On the one hand it seems that everything is permitted in order to attract consumers and sell products, however some images or slogans could be considered disgusting or disrespectful and, for these reasons, advertising campaigns could create rejection.

On the other hand, it’s very difficult to put limits to creativity and it’s also hard, in certain cases, to establish where the frontier between originality and vulgarity is. Besides, it’s not only a matter of tasteful but mainly a question of respect to cultures, to women and to minorities, for example.

This time we had the speaking in the open air and our teacher showed us different ads, some of them really sexist and tastelessness in spite of the fact that they belonged to some very renowned brands.

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