Image and social manipulation

Physical appearance is really overvalued nowadays. It has almost become a social dictatorship mainly for women. We should be young and slim for ever in order to get a job and to reach success personally and professionally. On the one hand, this highly demanding society is producing a lot of young girls suffering from eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, which affects deeply their lives and their future.

On the other hand, surgeries are spreading out like a normal practice among people of all classes.

This topic was discussed in our speaking class and everybody agreed that canons of beauty so strict and the association between youth and beauty are damaging people’s self-esteem even in very good looking individuals.

To illustrate the issue we saw Jane Fonda’s interview in Diane Rehm Show, where she admits that she had surgery under pressure from her job. Despite she is in her 80’s; Jane is still in shape and very good looking. However she confessed that she suffered from bulimia when she was in her career’s pinnacle.


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