Controversy in antibiotics’ use

During long years we have been told that antibiotic’s treatments must be followed strictly until the very end – usually 8 or more days – in spite of the fact that we would feel better. Doctors and scientists supported this idea and almost made feel us guilty when we forgot to take our pills. It was said that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics due to patients’ neglected behaviour.

On the other hand, it seemed that bacteria resistance was turning in a global health problem because illnesses almost eradicated were reappearing and antibiotics were unable to fight against them.

For these reasons I found astonishing the Guardian’s piece of news I read last Wednesday 26th. Under the headline ‘Rule that patients must finish antibiotics course is wrong, study says’ I could read just the contrary of what had been said until now. It seems that bugs become resistant due to an extra exposure to antibiotics when it isn’t needed. In terms of science nothing’s like it seems to be. Let’s see further news in this issue!

You could read the piece of news clicking on the next link:


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